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Working Hard For The District

I have accomplished much during my first term in the legislature and I am running for reelection so I can continue to serve the people of Harrison, Bridgton and Denmark. The current session (the 129th) was shortened because of COVID, important items of legislation were left in limbo and didn't make it through the legislative process. Dealing with important issues like healthcare, the opiate crises, mental health services, infrastructure, broadband, housing and many others were left incomplete.

If the legislature does not reconvene, which is likely, the unfinished legislative business will be lost and will require reintroduction into the next legislature after this fall's election. There are in excess of 100 bills which will be added to the workload of the next legislature (the 130th). New issues like redistricting and major budget shortfalls will also require special attention.

Please vote to reelect me. My familiarity and experience will insure the needs of our district will be addressed. Please contact be with any questions.

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