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Independent For Good Reasons

The organized political parties, ie. Democrats and Republicans, continue to face off with political posturing on a state level that ends in very little accomplished. Blame for inaction was directed both ways. We saw it this session when the legislature ended early because of the corona virus. Our work was left unfinished. . So far neither party has budged an inch on their political position, fearing that any attempt to comprise will be viewed as weakness which would result in a loss of power for them. As a result much of the good work done will go down the proverbial legislative drain. Quite frankly it is a disgrace to the democracy we live in.

I choose to run as an Independent with the mantra that if things are going to get he accomplished it will requires us to work together from the middle out in the political spectrum in order to achieve success, because the extreme elements of both parties are unwilling to find common ground. As an Independent candidate I want to find solutions to difficult problems that will benefit the people we serve and not the political power structure. This is why, as a voter in Bridgton, Denmark or Harrison, I hope you will cast your vote for me this fall in general election.

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