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Doing It Right

Interest is growing about what’s happening with broadband in Harrison. The town appointed Harrison Broadband Advisory Committee has been meeting and working on a recommendation to present to the Board of Selectman about improving both the quality and coverage of broadband in our town. The recommendation will include varied topics including where expansion of broadband is needed, what type of technology makes the most sense, both financially and geographically, what improvements are needed to existing services, and the cost to consumers. We will also be looking as to whether taking a regional approach makes sense.

It is a rather daunting task but we have a very committed committee working hard to bring about changes. We meet regularly to accomplish the charge given us by the selectman. We are hoping to have a completed recommendation in the next six months. The first step we are undertaking is to complete a town-wide survey about internet. We are beginning the distribution. If you would like to take part in the survey go to this link: Harrison Broadband Survey. You can also follow us on facebook: Log into Facebook | Facebookand on our website: HBAC, both are which are works in progress.

Our meetings are open to the public. Go to our facebook page to learn more about meeting dates. If you should decide you would like to help please get in touch with me. Please let me know how you think you can contribute so we can understand your strengths. Things to know: how much time, your skill sets, etc. Let me know if you have any questions.

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