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Covid By Zipcode - Statistics Long Overdue

To the Governor: It's time to release the overly restrictive operating restraints on our locally owned restaurants and breweries here in Northern Cumberland County. Yes it is accurate to say that the county, as a whole, represents 50% of the cases in Maine. However, now with the town-by-town statistics being available, it is obvious the towns in Northern Cumberland are at a relatively low risk rate, very similar to those in counties and towns that have reopened. The state reported Cumberland County had 1,226 cumulative cases as of June 3rd. However Bridgton and Harrison have a range of only 2- 10 cases. The time to change this rule is now.

The Governor’s proclamation to keep all Cumberland County restaurants in-house dining areas closed is perplexing to say the least. In addition keeping breweries off limits is also unreasonable. Important to the economic prosperity of this district, these businesses continue to suffer financial devastation for no reasonably good logical reason. Change the county method of coverage to zip code determination immediately.

Link to town-by-town statistics:!/vizhome/covid-19-maine-cdc-cases-by-zip-code/CasesbyZIPCode

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