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If you are a cable subscriber or intend to be a cable subscriber, there is good news but with possible pitfalls. There were two new laws passed by the legislature this session which could save you some money.

LD 832 - Allows subscribers the option of purchasing access to cable channels or programs on cable channels individually, the so-called ala carte choice.

LD 2031 - Requires fair cancellation practices by the provider, it will require a cable system operator to discontinue billing the subscriber within 2 working days after a request to cancel the service instead of within 10 working days under the old rule. It also provides for a credit or rebate to be issued if the subscriber requests cancellation 3 or more working days before the end of the billing cycle or during the first 2 weeks of a monthly billing period.

Now here is what I see as the potential pitfalls. I know there are several towns currently negotiating with providers for new contracts. Be sure to let your town officials know soon to make sure the provider doesn't slip a provision in their contract which prohibits the ala carte option. The other potential problem is that you can expect an increase in per channel cost if you just pick the most watched channels. Make sure to do the math before you decide.

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