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Join the Team


Make a Difference

  • Share and comment on my posts on Facebook.

  • Point people to this website so that they can learn more about me and the issues I support and care about.

  • Print and distribute flyers. 

  • Host a candidate party

  • Knock on doors

  • If you can support in other ways, please reach out to me.

Let's make this happen together!

District #83 includes Denmark, Bridgton and Harrison, all communities that I would be honored to continue to serve. Please join me as I run for reelection.  I believe I understand and  represent the needs of our area in the western foothills of Maine.  I am excited to run, but I cannot succeed without you.

Help me continue the work and let's get out the vote this November! If you would like to volunteer for the campaign, we could use your help.


We need:

  • Campaign Signs Distributed

  • House Parties 

  • Phone Banks (Call potential voters)

  • Letters to the Editor (Pick an issue)

  • Neighbor to Neighbor cards (Promote me.)

  • Mailings (Address Envelopes, etc.)

  • Door Knocking or Campaign materials distributed at doors.)

Call 207-890-7866 

Send and email to

or submit your message though my contact form HERE

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