Q. What are you running for?

A. I am running for a seat in the State Legislature – House of Representatives. I will represent District 69, which is comprised of Harrison, Bridgton and Denmark. The term is 2 years.


Q. Why are you running for office?


A. I am running for office because I have extensive leadership experience, great ideas, and a “can get it done” attitude, all of which will be of great benefit to the community.


Q. Why are you running as an Independent?


A. The current political environment is extremely challenging.


Uncompromising political and government officials have led us to gridlock and inaction. Lack of  legitimate progress has caused anger, frustration and distrust on the part of the people who we were elected to represent. We need to restore the art of compromise, regain respect for each other and  practice the values that have made this a great democracy.


I believe the best way to accomplish this is to take a stance as an independent and not be beholden to the system extremists and power brokers. I will not cast my votes based on party pressure but on the will of the people who elected me.


Q. I understand you are running as a CLEAN ELECTION CANDIDATE. What exactly does that mean and why should I care?


A. Being a CLEAN ELECTION CANDIDATE is very important to my election campaign. If you are concerned about big money and power brokers having too much influence over the election process then you should consider supporting the Clean Election Act and help support Clean Election Candidates who have pledged not to accept funds from Political Action Committees or Corporations.


Find out more by clicking here: Maine Clean Elections


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A qualifying contribution is one made of $5  in support of a candidate who wants to run for office as a Maine Clean Election Act candidate. FAQs

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