Legislative Highlights

Despite the pandemic hampering the legislative process, the 130th Legislature considered more than 2000 bills over the two sessions between 2021 and 2022. Aided by covid funding from the federal government we were able to begin to address many outstanding needs. 
Here's just a sample of some of the enacted bills during the session that I either sponsored, cosponsored or voted to adopt.


I Have a Proven Track Record of Getting Things Done


LD#         BILL DESCRIPTION                                                                                      BILL CATEGORY

1986        Exempt Permanently Disabled Veterans from Property Taxes               Veterans' Assistance 


2001        Support for Maine's Veterans Homes                                                       Veterans' Assistance


2003       Increase Affordable Housing Opportunities                                             Affordable Housing

Helps Address homelessness and affordable housing in Maine.

1995        Provide Supplemental Funding for 

Fiscal Year 22-23 Budget Priorities including:

372 Children’s Health Care Health Care

2006 Improve Home Energy 

Assistance Program Housing Costs

585 Improve Tribal/State Relations Tribal/State Relations


1862 Expand Good Samaritan Law

Will help decrease overdose deaths

231 Establish “Open” Primaries Election Reform


1639 Ban on Out-of-State Trash Environment

1959 The Importance of Water as a Natural Resource

1663 Improve Boating Safety

1215 Compliance to Federal Requirements in contracts

1010 Establishes the Maine Service Fellows Program

629 Protect Health Care Workers from Violence